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Fieldco Limited is a Property Transactions Company

Fieldco Limited takes great pride in providing beautiful, comfortable and secure homes. If you are a Landlord or a developer constructing a new site, Fieldco can advise on all aspects, from the construction phase, through the building process and its subsequent management.We have experience of dealing with major new developments, as well as smaller existing blocks.

From inception in 2003, Fieldco has grown from a property transactions company into an integrated real estate company offering diverse services across the real estate value chain. We are committed to constantly developing innovative products and services to deliver a superior customer experience.

Why Fieldco?


We run a professional company that offers integrated property services which enable clients to realize the full value of their property investments. From project conception to completion, and post completion management.


As a company, we have been responsible for the conclusion of a number of property transactions within the target market of Banana Island, Ikoyi & Victoria Island.


We have acted as development advisers, property brokers, property managers and agents to a number of corporate bodies and individuals since incorporation, and continue to provide related services around our client’s needs.

Organizations We Partner With

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