How To Make Your Home More Attractive.

Whether you are a property owner looking to rent or sell, or you are a tenant or an owner occupier, having a home that is attractive, welcoming and comfortable is very important.

In our line of business we see many homes on a daily basis some of which are appealing and inviting and others not.  So what makes a home the right home to invest in or live in?  Well aside from the obvious such as location, structural build and price, we believe that the aesthetics of a home also play a key role in making that  all very crucial decision.

Below we share with you some tips on how you can ensure that your home is looking great and how to make your home more attractive and inviting to investors, buyers, tenants or just your family and friends.

  1. Choose the right colours. Many people under estimate the power of colour and are unaware that colours can invoke certain emotions and reactions in people.  There have been countless property viewings in which clients are instantly repelled by the property due to the choice colour painted on the walls, this invariably means that the client will incur further costs  to repaint, if the property is chosen.  It is imperative therefore that careful consideration is given to the choice of colours in a property.  Typically it is recommended that cool colours such as blues, greens and purples should be used for bedrooms and warmer colours like grey, red and beige should be used for rooms like the living room or dining room.  We are sharing more tips on suitable colours for various rooms in the home on our Twitter and Instagram pages this month of May, so if you are interested in finding out more information on this be sure to follow on both our social media platforms @fieldcolimited.
  1. Making the most of a tight space. Although not a typical feature with Nigerian homes, there is a growing trend now of building smaller sized apartments and houses as opposed to properties that were built 10 or 20 years ago with generously sized rooms.  Room sizes are indeed getting smaller.  This can pose a constraint if you do not know how to maximize the space that you have.  Some of the ways that you can divert attention from small spaces is by creating an illusion of a more open and larger space.  For example:
  • Avoid bold patterns or overstuffed furniture.
  • Choose a few large pieces rather than several smaller ones.
  • Use mirrors and glass to create reflections and bounce light around the space.
  • Hang curtains higher above the window frame to give the illusion of higher ceilings, which will make your space appear larger.
  • Also if you want your ceiling to look higher, then painting it a darker colour will produce that effect.
  1. Give your home a good vibe. There is always a feeling one gets when entering a space or a property.  The human antenna picks up vibes and energy which can determine how comfortable we feel being in an environment.  To ensure that your home is mood boosting, steer clear of clutter.  Clutter invokes stress and disorder.  When a home is filled with so many things it can lead to agitation and irritation.  Flowers are also an ideal way to freshen your home but also to create a pleasant feel to your home.  They brighten up a room and add life. Fresh flowers might be a challenge or expensive to get regularly, however nice realistic faux flowers will also work well particularly when put in a nice elegant vase.
  1. Garden space. The outside space of a property also matters, this goes beyond having parking space, swimming pools or tennis lawns. How about garden space? Nothing invokes a relaxing and meditative mode more than a garden or at the very least a section outside dedicated to greenery and plants.  The presence of potted plants and nature have positive psychological effects and health benefits as well as adding a peaceful ambiance to your home.

There are of course many more ways that your home can be made appealing and attractive, and without unnecessary expense.  All of our tips shared above can be implemented with minimal expenditure and time.  Making your home more attractive does not have to mean undertaking major renovation or redesigning.  Be creative with your space and infuse personality and energy into your home.

For the whole month of May we will be sharing a lot more home improvement tips so be sure to stay tuned by following our social media platforms.



Fieldco Media TeamHow To Make Your Home More Attractive.