The Ultra Modern Evolution Of Nigerian Real Estate.

Ultra-Modern architecture stretches the boundaries of architecture as we know it and infuses an innovative, creative and futuristic- almost ‘out of this world’ twist to the basic concept of walls, windows, stairs and doors.  Often bespoke and luxurious structures, ultra-modern architecture certainly gets your attention and leaves you wondering whether it is a piece of art or a building.  It is a sure fire way to raise the stakes in the world of real estate.

There is a bubbling of this happening in Nigeria, particularly in the mega city of Lagos.  We have begun to witness new property developments that are set on taking real estate in Nigeria up to another level entirely, by  ensuring that their properties have those ‘stand out’ characteristics.

New developments like the Eko Atlantic City, (which has been dubbed to be the Manhattan of Lagos), 4 Bourdilon- a 25-storey building of luxury apartments on Bourdilon Road and Landmark Village a “state-of-the art development on 38,000 sqm along the Atlantic Ocean waterfront” are redefining architecture as we have know it in Nigeria.

This change is refreshing and very much welcomed.  The real estate in Nigeria, whilst a thriving sector for the economy has been fraught with problems about quality of construction and finishing as well lack of maintenance. This new evolution of ultra modern construction and architectural aesthetics will no doubt force standards to rise, paralleling international standards and usher in a new era of comparable real estate with the rest of the world.

As niche players in the realm of luxury real estate, we get frequent requests for ‘ultimate’ luxury homes and technologically savvy office space, this makes us certain that the new evolution of ultra modern real estate in Nigeria will indeed become the shape of things to come in the future.  We have an extensive portfolio of high end luxurious properties that we market and manage which will be sure to expand into more of these new ultra modern developments coming up.  If you are looking to market your property or seeking accommodation or office space that is a cut above the rest, then send us an email at or  visit

Fieldco Media TeamThe Ultra Modern Evolution Of Nigerian Real Estate.