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Emotional Intelligence in Real Estate

To be ‘Emotional or not?’

“In what way?” some may ask, while others might just jump to the conclusion that emotions are an innate component of the human race and therefore not much of a debate to be had in that regard. However when you consider the extent of the power of our emotions and the impact it has on so many facets of life, it might be worth reading on to determine the debate for yourself.

Fieldco Media TeamEmotional Intelligence in Real Estate
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A Maintenance Culture Left to Chance.

If you are one to observe and appreciate architecture or you are perhaps someone that pays attention to detail, it is most likely that at one point or another you have uttered or heard the familiar phrase “we lack maintenance culture” when referencing the state of properties generally in Nigeria.  The world “WE” in the sentence is very appropriate because only few people I know appreciate preventive maintenance.   This may sound like a strong indictment on our real estate but it is a reality that must be discussed with a view to change perspectives and the maintenance culture we have.

Fieldco Media TeamA Maintenance Culture Left to Chance.
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How Conducive Is Your Office Environment?

The average working adult spends a minimum of 8-10 hours in the office daily.  For those of us that are workaholics, this can easily be in excess of 12-14 hours daily and even include weekends.  So, how then does your office space fair in providing a work life balance for your employees?

When we think about the fact that most of our lives is spent more at work than with our families and friends, it is imperative that the health of your employees are properly addressed and catered to effectively.  Doing so increases productivity, as a happy and rested workforce is one that is energized and enthusiastic about working.  It also reduces absenteeism and improves staff retention.

Fieldco Media TeamHow Conducive Is Your Office Environment?
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How To Make Your Home More Attractive.

Whether you are a property owner looking to rent or sell, or you are a tenant or an owner occupier, having a home that is attractive, welcoming and comfortable is very important.

In our line of business we see many homes on a daily basis some of which are appealing and inviting and others not.  So what makes a home the right home to invest in or live in?  Well aside from the obvious such as location, structural build and price, we believe that the aesthetics of a home also play a key role in making that  all very crucial decision.

Fieldco Media TeamHow To Make Your Home More Attractive.
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Sustainability And The Shift Towards Sustainable Real Estate.


With the current economic downturn in Nigeria, which has caused many sectors of the economy great strain, but which has also opened up great opportunities for self-reliance, is sustainability set to become the new trend across the different sectors, especially real estate?

Fieldco Media TeamSustainability And The Shift Towards Sustainable Real Estate.
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The Ultra Modern Evolution Of Nigerian Real Estate.

Ultra-Modern architecture stretches the boundaries of architecture as we know it and infuses an innovative, creative and futuristic- almost ‘out of this world’ twist to the basic concept of walls, windows, stairs and doors.  Often bespoke and luxurious structures, ultra-modern architecture certainly gets your attention and leaves you wondering whether it is a piece of art or a building.  It is a sure fire way to raise the stakes in the world of real estate.

Fieldco Media TeamThe Ultra Modern Evolution Of Nigerian Real Estate.
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